Letterbox "Photographs of Paintings...Of Other Owners"

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  • Manuscripts

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Folders 16.511-16.559



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This letterbox contained loose items sorted into alphabetical dividers according to subject. Nina Fletcher Little labeled the letterbox "Photographs of Paintings - miscl & Anon of other owners." She also included some filing notes on the inside of the box. This box contained not only photographs, but also correspondence, clippings, and research material, much of which pertains to requests for attribution. Selina Fletcher Little edited the box label and the filing notes to better reflect the box contents. She also labeled the material with post-its to indicate the subject, though in some cases there was no post-it label and the intended subject heading was unclear. The empty letterbox is located at the end of the collection.


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Bertram K. and Nina Fletcher Little papers

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Folders 16.511-16.559