Diaries and Notebooks


Subseries I, Diaries and notebooks, 1859-1896, undated, contains sixty-five items, mostly pocket sized, which were used by Casey to record daily activities and information on subjects of interest. The diaries and notebooks in these series represent a life-long habit of systematic record keeping and provide a substantial record of his day-to-day life. Two desk-size diaries, 1888-1889, contain expanded entries with speculations on family, professional and political matters, as well as accounts of a New Year's Day reception given by President and Mrs. Cleveland and his reminiscence of a New Year's Day reception given by President Lincoln in 1865. Another diary/notebook contains a photograph and a complete record of the "Class of 1879 U. S. Military Academy," including the names and addresses, courses and grades, rank and standing of all the cadets. Casey's son Thomas Lincoln Jr. graduated second in this class. (Casey graduated first in his class in 1852.)


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Casey family papers

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