Correspondence received by Thomas Lincoln Casey

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Subseries C, Correspondence received by Thomas Lincoln Casey, 1855-1896. The largest segment of the collection is the correspondence, which is arranged chronologically by year and by month. There are official and quasi-official materials interspersed with family and Casey Farm material. Family correspondents include Casey's immediate family and cousins as well as Emma Weir Casey's (1834-1911) father, West Point professor of drawing Robert Walter Weir, her brother, Yale art professor John Ferguson Weir, and other siblings. Family issues discussed include management of the Casey Farm, death of General Silas Casey, problems with Silas' second wife Florida Gordon Casey, and the death of Harry Weir Casey. Copies of Thomas Lincoln Casey's responses are often written on the original letter or have a draft response attached. These materials are retained with the appropriate letters. Occasional additional items such as sketches, plans, estimates, printed matter and news clippings are often attached to correspondence. These are also retained with the appropriate letter.


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Casey family papers

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Folders 52.1-70.6, 71.X-93.X