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This series includes correspondence, financial papers, maps and drawings, printed matter, and miscellaneous papers the ownership of which is unattributed. Folder 134 contains unattributed and undated correspondence. Folder 135 contains two letters relating to the claim of William Vans against the Codman family. One is a letter from J. Lowell to William H. Gardiner (who was counsel for the Codman family) dated March 11, 1835. It is an impassioned defense of R. Codman. The other is a letter from W. H. Gardiner to Henry Codman, Esq., dated January 28, [no year]. It is a request by Gardiner to Codman to review a book about Vans' claim. Folder 136 contains a stock certificate of Samuel Torrey in the Lechmere Point Corporation dated April 11, 1811. Folder 137 contains miscellaneous foreign and domestic currency and notes, including 1/3 of a dollar dated 1776; 100 francs, undated; 2 francs dated 1944; one dollar labeled Hungarian Fund and dated 1852; and a German banknote from 1923. Folder 147 contains an undated sketchbook.

Folder 8 contains engravings of a painting of John Codman (1755-1803) by Huntingdon, engraved and printed by C. E. Wagstaff and J. Andrews. Folder 149 contains miscellaneous and undated materials. Folder 138 contains three booklets relating to the claim of William Vans against the Codman family: "The Claim of William Vans on the Heirs of John and Richard Codman," "Reports in the Legislature of Massachusetts on the Case of William Vans. Report of the Committee of 1812-1813," and "Remonstrance against the Petition of William Vans" in Boston Courier and signed by several Codman family members. Folder 139 contains a book, "American Slavery As It Is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses" published in New York by the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1839. Newspaper clippings about slavery have been pasted onto the end pages of this volume, and these pages include hand written comments about slavery. Folder 140 contains a book, "Memoir of John Codman, D.D." by William Allen and published in 1853. Folder 141 contains a booklet, "A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Mary Codman" by Rev. James Howard Means and published in 1857. Folder 142 contains a periodical, "The Church Militant" (contains memorial to Robert Codman) published in 1901. Folder 143 contains a book, "A Memoir of the Life of John Codman Ropes" published in 1901. Folder 144 contains a periodical, "The North East," the magazine of the Diocese of Maine from 1915. Folder 145 contains miscellaneous undated newspaper clippings about various subjects. Folder 146 contains miscellaneous undated newspaper clippings about family marriages and deaths, etc. The copy of the New York Herald Tribune Weekly Book Review (in box 2) features a review of "Portrait of a Lady: Edith Wharton" by Percy Lubbock.


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clippings (information artifacts)
line engravings (prints)
stock certificates
financial records

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16 folders and 1 loose newspaper

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John Codman (1898-1989) family papers

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financial records

Other People

Allen, William
Codman, Henry, 1789-1853
Codman, John, 1755-1803
Codman, Mary
Codman, Richard, 1762-1806
Codman, Robert
Cragie, Andrew
Gardiner, William H.
Means, James Howard, 1885-1967
Torrey, Samuel
Vans, William, 1763-1840

Other Organizations

Codman family
Lechmere Point Corporation

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