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This folder contains the third account book, dated from 1825 to 1846. Like the two earlier account books, it seems to reflect C.R.C.’s business activities, but it also includes many more entries than the other two for personal items such as clothing (especially from Kilham & Mears, tailors). There are regular entries in this account book for "family expenses" and "housekeeping," subscriptions to the "Edinburgh Review" and "North American Review," entries related to various charities including the Home for Indigent Boys, and entries for pew rent. Like the earlier account books, it includes numerous payments for wine and books and payments to J. Codman. It also is very rich in information about Boston laborers, who were doing work for Codman on his properties on Codman Wharf, Kilby Street, Liberty Square, and Lindall Place, and on his house on Chestnut Street. Codman’s involvement with the Vans case (in which William Vans accused Richard Codman of fraud) is also apparent from several bills paid to William H. Gardiner, who was the counsel for the Codman family during the case. There are also numerous payments to insurance companies and numerous stock purchases in the Boston & Worcester Railroad and the Maine & New Hampshire Railroad. Entries of interest include: Vito Viti (Dec. 1825), G. G. Channing Clock (Dec. 1825), Farmer and Welles (Mar. 1826), Alexander Parris payment for superintending work on stores (Apr. and May 1826), D. Phyfes bill (Sept. 1826), note to J. and B. Welles (Apr. 1827), G. Barber’s bill for furniture (July 1827), D. Granger’s bill for painting (Aug. 1827), A. Willard for clock for kitchen (Oct. 1827), William Fisk for table (Dec. 1827), Alexander Parris payment for superintending the building of two stores on Kilby Street at two and a half percent (Jan. 1828), R. Slack’s bill for chairs (Mar. 1828), payment for portrait with gilding frame (Dec. 1828), B. Welles account for Mrs. Codman (Apr. 1829), Kimball & Paul, upholsterers (Jan. and May 1832), Fuller for drawing plans (Feb. 1833), a picture by Ostade (Aug. 1833), purchase of straw carpet in Canton (Aug. 1833), paid witness in case of [?] vs. Codman (Jan. 1838), payment to G. F. Bryant for drawing plans for proposed alterations to stores on Kilby Street (Jan. 1843), and numerous payments to Doggett & Frothingham.


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John Codman (1898-1989) family papers

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