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This folder contains a second account book dated from 1820 to 1825, which includes information about C.R.C.’s income and expenses. Many of the expenses seem to reflect business activities, for example, payments for work on Codman’s Wharf and Kilby St. stores. More personal entries include regular payments to John Codman, payments for wine (including one to Theodore Lyman, Jr.), a subscription to Nahant Hotel, a subscription to the Boston Athenaeum, payments for books, payments for Custom House bonds, payments for straw carpeting, payments for paintings from Blake and Cunningham, a payment to J. Cram for ornaments for stairs (May 1823), housekeeping bills, upholstery bills (Mar. 1825), a bill from Richard Adams for a marble tombstone, and payments to A. Parris for drawing plans (Feb. 1824). In 1824, Alexander Parris designed a block of six stores that wrapped around Kilby and Water Streets, partly on property owned by C.R.C. Income received by C.R.C. that may be of interest includes payments from the Charles River Bridge and a payment from J. C. Warren for a monument pasture sold to him from the estate of Mary Russell (a note in the margin reads: "Bunker Hill (?)").


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John Codman (1898-1989) family papers

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Folder 13