This series contains twenty-seven journals recording sales transactions of Irving and Casson and Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. from 1904 through 1949. With the exception of one volume, each journal lists sales orders in an approximate numerical and chronological order; however, not all numbers in the sequence are included. More than 6,200 pages contain over 21,300 handwritten sales order entries. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, customer address, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, detail number, sales person and cabinet maker. Digital images of a representative example of journal pages attached to each journal's record.

Two of the journals bear an inscription indicating that the volume represents a listing of orders for "Factory No. 2." This provides an explanation for the missing order numbers as it may be presumed that the missing order numbers were executed by "Factory No. 1." However, it is not known at this time how the firm's East Cambridge, MA factory facility was divided into multiple segments. It may have been divided according to production type as there are very few orders for church-related items in these journals at a time when ecclesiastical work was a large component of the firm's output.

Over 5,500 customers are identified and include individuals, churches; corporations, and schools and universities. A complete listing of customers identified is available.

The one remaining journal is labeled "Trial Balance 1947 + 1948 + 1949 Accounts Receivable." This volume has a different format than the other items in this series and contains fourteen-column workpaper with a typed list of client names and the months of the year. Handwritten pencil entries show the monthly accounts receivable balance for each client. Not a trial balance in the strict accounting sense of the word, it is instead a accounts receivable subledger detailing the balance owed by clients as of each month end for 1947 through 1949.


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journals (accounts)
sales records

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27 journals containing more than 6,200 pages and over 21,300 entries; ca. 32 linear feet

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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Irving & Casson
Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.

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journals (accounts)
sales records

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Journals are arranged in chronological order.