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1880-1973, undated



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This series is comprised of forty-four scrapbooks of varying sizes compiled by either A. H. Davenport Co., Irving and Casson, or Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. Eleven of the scrapbooks were named by their compiler; the others have no identifying information. The albums are arranged by subject matter and contain a total of approximately 4,200 pages of which 2,500 have content. The bulk of the material consists of clippings from magazines, catalogs and other print sources which are glued to the album pages, many in a meticulously arranged tiled fashion. The majority of the clippings do not reflect the work of the three possible compilers and are presumed to have been used by them as design reference materials. Some scrapbooks do contain photographs of finished pieces (some with customer, date, order number, and model number provided) and sketches by executed by the firms. Among the customers noted are: Cathedral of St. John the Divine (New York, NY); Harvard Club (Boston, MA); the White House (Washington, D. C.); and F. W. Woolworth (Glen Cove, NY). Digital images of a selection of items made by the firms are attached to the associated scrapbook's record.


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44 scrapbooks with approximately 2,500 pages of content; ca. 57 linear feet

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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Possibly A. H. Davenport Co. (American furniture manufactory, active late 19th-early 20th centuries) (Compiler)
Possibly Irving & Casson (Compiler)
Possibly Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. (Compiler)

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The forty-four scrapbooks are arranged by subject matter such as: type of furniture (e.g., chairs, bedroom furniture, sideboards); decorative technique or material (e.g., inlay painting, carving, metal work), or location (e.g., church interiors, bank furniture).