Overmantel Landscape Painting

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Overmantel, large, almost square format, heavily framed landscape view of a winding river with an arm of land on which is a mansion house with a white fence enclosing a garden. On the far bank to the right is a small town with church steeple; to the left in the distance are a series of hills and a wooded bank. In the foreground is a large tree; the extreme left is cut off by the picture's edge and a stag runs from a hound at right; a stove hole is cut in the sky. The framing is the original molding, painted in black and gray.


Descriptive Terms

landscapes (representations)
paintings (visual works)
oil paint (paint)
panels (wood)
Oil on Panel


1- White label with blue fountain pen writing, a far left of panel reverse: ""Overmantel moved from house below Church facing river Cornish-New Hampshire Taken out September 1952"" 2-Typed jelly label at left of panel reverse: ""Overmantel painting from the John/Mason house, Cornish, NH. The house stands on the river road across from Windsor, Vt.. Molded and enframement original in original colors. Artists unknown but other examples by him are nearby. Little""

Associated Building

Original to Cogswell's Grant (Essex, Mass.),


Unknown (Maker)


49 x 37.75 x 59.5 (HxWxD) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of Bertram K. and Nina Fletcher Little

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Reference Notes

Little, Nina Fletcher, Author. American Decorative Wall Painting. [No Publisher].


New Hampshire (United States)