The Federalist, on the new Constitution /written in 1788, by Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Jay, and Mr. Madison.

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477 p. ; ports.



Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804.
Madison, James, 1751-1836.
Jay, John, 1745-1829.


Philadelphia : Benjamin Warner

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Early American imprints. Second series ;


477 p. ; ports.


Moved from PHI Carriage House to 3rd floor back hall, c. 1992. Moved to Haverhill storage, July, 2007.
Inscription: "From Boston Patriot of November 14. 1829- "A reference having been made by Mr Leigh and Mr [Miner?] (in the Virginia Convention then in session) to the 54th number of the Federalist, Mr Madison on a question being put by Mr Leigh to Mr [Miner?] "who was the author of that paper", rose and said, that although he was not desi- rous of saying any thing on the subject, yet, under these circumstances, he thought him self justified in stating that neither Mr. Ham- ilton nor Mr. Jay had written that number. In the various editions of the Federalist, the authorship of this paper has been sometimes assigned to Mr. Jay and at other times to Mr. Hamilton. Mr [Miner?] had attributed it to Mr. Hamilton."

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PHI JK154 1817

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United States.


New ed., with the names and portraits of the several writers.

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