"Dignity and Impudence"

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  • Art


ca. 1870




Print, "Dignity and Impudence", Large hound and small white terrier in a doghouse [A]; Printed paper with story of two dogs [B].


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color lithographs
color prints (photographs)
paper (fiber product)


"DIGNITY AND IMPUDENCE/ WHAT a bold little terrier! He is not at all afraid of the large hound with the smooth, drooping ears and the big paws, soft as silk, hanging over the front of the kennel. He cannot be afraid; for he has pushed his small self into the kennel beside him; and there he sits, quite at home./ The great hound could kill the small terrier with one snap of his big jaws; but he is too noble and kind to harm a little creature that trusts him so well that he even ventures to sit beside him. Besides, he may be glad of the little dog's company, for he has a heavy chain hanging to the collar on his neck, and so he cannot enjoy freedom and race about the fields, and hunt for rats, like the rough terrier. It is dull work just to go only as far as the chain permits, and the visit of even a small friend may be cheering./ Many a man shut up in a gloomy prison has welcomed the coming of a bright-eyed mouse from its hole in his cell to help him to while away the weary hours. How glad he has felt to see the little creature appear in the corner to eat the crumbs of bread he scattered for it on the floor after his meal. And the handsome hound perhaps would feel very dull if the sharp terrier ceased to come to his big kennel, though the playful little creature might tease him at times by biting his long ears in fun and impudence. A great dog seldom harms a smaller one, just as a big boy with proper feeling would never thrash a little boy." (printed)

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Reproduction of Landseer, Edwin Henry, Sir, 1802-1873 (Painter)

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United States


10 3/4 x 8 1/4 (HxW) (inches)

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