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Mirror, rectangular shape in wood frame with print of the "Bark Kathleen". Mirror framed by turned pilasters, brass nail at center of each corner block.


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glass (material)


"Whaling Bark KATHLEEN of New Bedford, built 1844/An exciting episode in American whaling was the sinking by a whale of the/KATHLEEN, commanded by Captain Thomas H. Jenkins./ In November, 1901, while cruising for whales east of Barbados, there appeared/ a large sperm whale which, when attachked by a boat crew, headed for the/KATHLEEN and apparently saw her too late to dive under without hitting her./The whale stove such a large hole in her that it was necessary to abandon ship, and/flags were set at the three mastheads as signals for the return of all boats. The/captain's wife was on board and, after rescuing her pet parrot, she was taken off in/ a boat. With twenty-one aboard, in addition to a supply of bread and water, the/boat was so loaded that the men had to bail constantly. After joining the other/boats and distributing the crew and supplies, they set out for the Barbados, 1,060/miles away. All but one of the boats were picked up the next day by Captain/Dalton of the "Borderer" of Glasgow and safely landed at Pernambuco. The/remaining whaleboat reached Barbados after nine days, during which time the men/existed on a small supply of food./A neighbor at South Dartmouth of the late Captain Jenkins said that Mrs./Jenkins always accompanied her husband on his voyages and made it a rule never/to go forwared of the mainmast. She also acted as navigator, as she was a better/arithmetician than her husband./"The parrot 'Bingo' was a constant companion of the Jenkinses and was a real/conversationalist. He could mimic the Captain and Mrs. Jenkins so accurately that/they would constantly find themselves carrying on a conversation with the parrot/rather than with each other, when the Captain and his wife were in different/rooms. He could also imitate a dog or cat so perfectly that neighboring cats and/dogs were often fooled. It is said that as he was leaving the KATHLEEN he/sang, 'There ll be a hot time in the old town tonight', and said that he'd be hanged/ if he'd ever go to sea again."/The original is on view at the Main Office of the State Street Trust Company,/Boston, Mass." (Black ink)




9 3/4 x 1 (WxD) (inches)

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