Pyrography Kit, "Pyrex"

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A box with pyrographic decoration has tools for making pyrographic designs. This one is form the "pyrex". There are ten objects inside. Pyro benzine bottle empty - Favor, Rund & Co., Boston; NY; Chicago -Brown Pyrography Art stain with instruction label peeling, wax stopper on top- green pyrography art stain with instruction label peeling, wax stopper on top -pyrography varnish with instruction peeling, wax stopper on top -red pyrography art stain with instruction label pealing wax stopper on top - yellow pyrography art stain with instruction label peeling wax stopper and string on top - Brown stain with instruction label -wooden circular container with point inside. Disclaimer label on container - point handle with point attached. Wooden handle with metal point on one end connects to metal tub which runs through handle and is supposed to connect to tub which brings benzine to the point. - Glass jar which holds heating liquid to metal conection. Points which connect tub to the point handle. \n \n Box itself: Dovetail joints metal clasp to close two metal hinges on back. Front design leopard climbing branch. Top cover has buck with antlers. PR side giraffe grabbing leaves from tree with man falling of said tree. Back has a roaring lion standing on a ledge. The lion LBE is in an untouched square in front of lion. PL side is a drawing of a face not completed. Bottom in an outline square it states "Property/of/ Leigh B E". It has another face and other designs.


Descriptive Terms

boxes (containers)
wood (plant material)
Box, Artist's


"The Lion/ LBE" (Wood burned)
"Property/ of / Leigh B. E." (Wood burned)
"This trademark [Pyrex] on all boxes containing genuine "pyrex" points/ printed instructions are included in each outfit and should be strictly complied with to / obtain satisfactory results." (printed)




4 1/2 x 3 3/8 (HxW) (inches)

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