Cutting board

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  • Decorative arts




Wooden cutting board. The front has an advertisement for "Oakeys Wellingtong Knife Boards". The board and label are fading and peices are coming off. The back of the board has a metal ring by the top hole that is metal. The bottom is in a darker thicker wood. The board is warped in the center.


Descriptive Terms

cutting boards
wood (plant material)
Board, Cutting


"OAKEYS / WELLINGTON / KNIFE BOARDS / The best and cheapest articles ever introduces to the / Public, for expeditiously and brilliantly polishing / Knives, (when dressed with the Wellington / Knife Polish). The Rubber, forming an elsastic medium between / the knife and Board, prevents Friction, and consequently the / Knives are not worn and injured as by other methods. / They polish so rapidly that it does away with the necessity / of the Machines, and the annoyance of their constantly being / out of order, and, when in that condition, destroying the Knives. / OAKEY'S "WELLINGTON" KNIFE POLISH is pre / pared expressly for the above Boars, and Knives constantly / cleaned with it, present the appearance of new Cutlery. The / operation is cleanly, and free from Dust and Noise. / Sold is Canisters at 1d, 2d, 3d, 6d, 1s, 2s, 6d, and 4s each, by / Ironmongers, Oil and Italian Warehousemen , Brushmakers, / Grocers, Druggists, &c. / JOHN OAKEY & SONS. / Limited, / WELLINGTON EMERY &BLACK LEAD MILLS, / WESTMINISTER BRIDGE ROAD, LONDON S.E. / N.B. - DO NOT HANG THE BOARD IN THE DAMP" (Ad on the front of the board with red, green, black, and blue writing)
"GREAT BRITAIN." (Black font inside a black outlined rectangle)
"THE "WELLINGTON" / KNIFE BOARD / JOHN OAKEY & SONS. / LONDON" (Stamped on the metal around the hole in the back)

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),




1 x 5 3/4 (HxW) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

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London (Greater London, England, United Kingdom)