Bock YCA cigar box

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  • Clothing and Accessories




Wooden cigar box with multiple stickers in Spanish text.


Descriptive Terms

cigar boxes
wood (plant material)
Case, Cigar


"TRADE MARK/ ELAGUILA DE ORO/ BOCK YCA HABANA" (These terms are wood burned into the wood. "ELAGUILA DE ORO" is written in banners within an eagles wings. "BOCK YCA HABANA" is written withing abanner that th eagle is holding onto with his feet. "TRADE MARK" is written above the eagles crowned head.)
"100 Cigars...CLAY...100 Cigars" (This is written on either side of CLAY's face. Clay's face lays within an oval in this green and blue strip that lays across the left side of the cigar box top.)
"REGALIA DE PREFERENCIA/ ESQUISITOS HE CHOSE EXPRESAMENTE/ ABACOS PARA PERSONAS DE GUSTO/ CONVECTIONNES Par les PLUS HABILES OUVRIERS/ DESTINES AUX PERSONNES DE GOUT/ CIGARES DE REGALIA" (This text is wrtten in gold and black on a sticker surrounding the image of the eagle that was on the top of the box also. This eagle is gold an dlack with "ELAGUILA DE ORO" in his wings in white. There are 6 gold seals surrounding the eagle. The first part of this entire sticker bridges the top of the box to the back so "REGALIA DE PREFERENCIA can be read form looking down at the box.)
"$3 per M/ PLACE FOR CANCELLATION/ UNITED STATES TA PAID STAMP" (This is printed as part of the same green and blue band with "CLAY's" image in it. The green stamp is actually a United States Tax Paid stamp. There is a blue stamp over the green paper stamp that is unreadable.)
"Flor Fina" (Engraved)
"SUPERIORES DE LA VUELTA ARAJO Superior Vuelta Avajo Segars maufactured In Havana/Cigares Superieures De La Vuelta Abajo Maniufactures/ a la Havane/ Bocky Ca Flor Fina" " Bocky Ca" (The text is written in black within a sticker label with gold leaves around it. Upon that text lays the gold painted seal of the eagle and "Bocky Ca")
"TRADE MARK/ 100-Panetelas-100/ Bock YCA/ HABANA" (Text is withing a red and white label on the front face of the box. )
"REPUBLICA DE C..." / "...Of 1910/ August 5, 1909/...Revenue/ 100" (The text is broken up because it is connected to the green and blue seal that is wrapped around the left side of the cigar box. )
"BOCK YCA/ TRADE MARK/ ELAGUILA DE ORO/ BOCK YCA HABAN" "CAUTION The "Bock Cigar" is not GENUINE without our signature on the band Our Cigars are bande din order to protect smokers against unscrupulous sellers who are trying to supplant the imported cigars by cheap domestic goods/ HAVANA CUBA" (Caution text is beneath the Eagle trade mark seal which is surrounded by eight coin shaped images and a banner that says "GABRICANTES DE TABACOS".)
"United States Imported/ Customs/ No. 4511 Port. of Boston Exp. Saratoga/ W.H.H. Ridenti, Inspector". (At the center of this information there is an image of a ship in a circle.)

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),




3.5 x 5.25 (HxW) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

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