L'Jacquemaire Phospate Vital

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Tall cylindrical container containing granulated phosphate. The container is pink with black writing.


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containers for health care
Bottle, Medicine


"Phosphate Vital L-Jacquemaire/ Granulated/ of" (printed)
"Sold retail in all the best Pharmacies of Frence and abroad" "Phosphate Vital/ (Granulated) COMPOUND/ Price in Frence/ Granules of Lime or of Soda or of Iron 4 Francs/ Granules Compound 5 Francs/ L-Jacquemaire/ 1st class pharmacist, Villefranche (Rhone)/ Name, bottle, box, label, egistered according to law". (printed)
"Chief varieties of these substances/ 1st "Phosphate Vital" of Lime./ 2nd" " of Soda./ 3rd. 'Phosphate Vital' of Iron./ 4th "" compound./ They are obtainable in several forms: 1st Efervescent solutions; 2nd Granules; 3rd Hypodermic injection" (printed)
"Dose and Mode of Use/ Each teaspoonful of Granules of Jacquemaire contains 1/2 gramme/ (7 1/2 grains) of Vital Phosphate./ Take from 2 to 4 spoonfuls durring the day with the beverage at meals/ (Half does for children". (printed)
"The Glycerophosphates are combinations of Glycerophosphoric Acid with sundry bases: Lime, Soda, Potass, Iron, etc./ Discovered in 1846 in the yolk of egg, they have been studied by Jacquemaire who originated commercial preparations of these substances under the general who originated commercial preparations of these substances under the general name of 'Phosphate Vital'./ Tested clinically by dr. Albert Robin/ Diseases of children, Anaemia, Neurasthenia, Convalescence, Tuberculosis, Cachexia, Albuminuria, etc./ (Extract from the authorized Pharmacopoeia of Dr. Victor Au'dHoui, pyusician to the pricipal hospital, Paris 1895". (printed)
"No. 1495/ Guaranteed by E. Fougera And Co. under the Food and Drugs Act June 30th 1906" (Green stamp on the broken top seal of the phosphate container. )

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),




5.5 (H), 2 (diameter) (inches)

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Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

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