Humphreys' Homeopathic No.33 bottle and box

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  • Decorative arts




"Humphreys' Homeopathic no. 33 Spasms & convulsions" medicine glass bottle with aluminum bottle lid. Also a "Humphreys' Homeopathic No. 33 Spasms & convulsions" medicine box with black writing.


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medicine bottles
Bottle, Medicine


"HUMPHREYS' HOMEOPATHIC No. 33/ REG U.S. PAT. OFF./ SPASMS& CONVULSIONS/ F Humphreys' MD/ HUMPHREYS' HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINCE Co. New York" (Text is on the glass medicine bottle. Image of a naked woman holding and resting on a lion separates "Humphreys' Homeopathic No. 33" with the rest of the text.)
"Oenan. c-Calc. c-Hyos-Ignat Amer. Homeopathic Phar. Does, Adults 6, Children 3 Pellets eery 2 hours" (Text on glass medicine bottle.)
"HUMPHREYS' HOMEOPATHIC No. 33/ Red. U.S. PAT. OFF/ Spasms& Convulsions/ F Humphreys M.D./ Humphreys Homeopathic Medicine Co./ New York" (Text on small medicine box. "Humphres' Homeopathic No. 33" is seperated from the other text by the image of a nake woman holding and resting on a lion. )
"Directions inside this Carton in six lanugages/ english, german, French, Spanish, Portugeuse and Italian" (Text written on small medicine box.)
"Average Contents 793 Pellets Printed & Made in U.S.A./ Oenanthe Crocata-Ignatia Amara-Calcarea Carbonica-/Hyoscyamus Niger-/ dose, Adults 6, Children 3 Pellets every 2 hours" (Text written on small medicine box.)
"Humphreys' Remedies/ No. For/ 1 Fever or Inflammation/ 2 Worms/ 3 Teething, Colic of Infants/ 4 Diarrhea/ 5 Dysentery/ 6 Cholera Morbus/ 7 Coughs, bronchitis/ 8 Neuralgia/ 9 Headache/ 10 Dyspepsia, Weak Stomach/ 11 suppressed menstruation/ 12 Leucorrhea/ 13 spasmodi Croup/ 14 Pimples, Eruptions/ 15 Rheumatism/ 16 Malaria/ 17 Piles of Hemorrhoids/ 18 Styes, Inlamed Eyes/ 19 Nasal cotarrh/ 20 Whooping Cough/ 21 Asthma/ 22 Earache/ 23 Enlarged glands/ 24 General debility, 'tonic tablets'/ 25 Dropsy/ 26 nausea, Vomiting/ 27 Disorders of the Kidneys/ 28nervous prostration/ 29 Fever blisters/ 30 Disorders of the Bladder/ 31 Painful menstruation/ 32 Disorders of the Heart/ 33 Spasms and Convulsions/ 34 Tonsillitis/ 35 Chronic congestions/40 Insomnia/ 55 Prompt Relief of Indigestion/ 77 Colds/ 99 Constipation" (List of ailments these pellets cure on back of the medicine box.)
"33" (Appears to be a recent notation in blue pen.)

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),




3.25 x 2 (HxW) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

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