Fetridge & Co.'s Periodical Arcade, Washington and State Streets, Boston

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Prints: Boston, Ma.: Washington St.



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"Our artist has given us above an admirable and accurate engraving of the interior of the famous periodical depot and bookstore of Fetridge & Co., of this city, situated at Nos. 72 and 74 Washington Street, and 15 State Street, [...] It seems very much like telling the public where the State House is situated, or the Custom House, when we describe the locality of a place as well know as Fetridge's book and periodical depot. The earliest book and periodical depot in Boston was that of Weeks, Jordan & Co., to whom Fetridge & Co. are successors. The former house started in business in 1834, and at that time were agents for all the magazines, quarterlies, reviews, etc., both in England and America; this is the spirit of the business still carried on by the house. The picture which we give above will show our readers that they have one of the finest stores for the purpose in the city. Over this they have just established an extensive and very beautiful reading-room for subscribers, where all the new works of the day, and a large collection of the standard works, can be consulted by the subscribers at all times, and books leased at the usual library rates of the city. The is an admirable combination of business, and should ensure to the enterprising proprietors an ample and prompt reward. We may add that the Flag and Pictorial are always to be found on the counters of Messrs. Fetridge & Co.'s elegant and convenient establishment."

The engraving shows men, women and children shopping and perusing the papers and books. The shop sold "English Books," along with many periodicals of the day. The Periodical Arcade also sold sasparilla and "The Balm of a Thousand Flowers," (as seen written above a doorway in the engraving). This balm, sold only by Fetridge & Co., was a patent medicine used for a variety of ailments, including bad breath and pimples.


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libraries (buildings)
interior views
magazines (periodicals)
reviews (document genre)
reading rooms
line engravings (prints)
prints (visual works)

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Prints and Engravings Collection Number PR262

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1 news line engraving

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Prints and engravings collection, 1830s-1920s

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7.25 x 9.5 (HxW)(inches)

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Gift of Capt. Wm. B. Clarke, 1922


Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)

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Manning, John H., b. ca. 1820 (Delineator)
Gleason's Pictorial (Publisher)

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line engravings (prints)
prints (visual works)

Other Organizations

Weeks, Jordan & Company
Fetridge & Co.
Gleason's Pictorial
The Flag of Our Union


Washington Street (Boston, Mass.)
State Street (Boston, Mass.)



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Prints: Boston, Ma.: Washington St.