Sleigh Racing on the Neck, Boston, Massachusetts

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Prints: Mass.: Boston: Washington St.



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"The expressive picture which we present below was taken by our artist, a few days since, during the height of the sleighing sport on the Neck, nearly opposite the famous Decon Mansion, which is seen in the background. The Neck has, for a few years past, been turned into a perfect race-course during sleighing time; and in the after part of the day is, of a winter's time, a scene of the gayest excitement. Splendid turnouts, 2.40 horses by the score, racers passing every minute, a smash-up now and then by way of variety, and, in short, we know of nothing like it elsewhere in this country. Boston has a vast number of fast boys, fast horses, and beautiful sleighs, and here they all congregate and practise their favorite sport. Let no person suppose himself fully experienced in the characteristics of New England character, Yankee impulse, and Boston peculiarities more especially, until he has witnessed sleighing on the Neck."


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racing (physical activities)
horse-drawn vehicles
line engravings (prints)

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1 newspaper engraving

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Prints and engravings collection, 1830s-1920s

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6.25 x 11 (HxW)(inches)


Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Boston Neck (Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [cape]

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Gleason's Pictorial (Publisher)

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line engravings (prints)

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Prints: Mass.: Boston: Washington St.