Detail working drawing of the Head House, Marine Park, South Boston, Mass., 1898


Boston city architect Edmund March Wheelwright designed these working drawings for the Head House at Marine Park in South Boston, Massachusetts. This is plate 89 from the publication, "Municipal Architecture in Boston by Edmund M. Wheelwright, City Architect, 1891-1895", volume II, edited by Francis W. Chandler, published by Bates & Guild Co. in 1898 in Boston. The drawings are of a front elevation and two front sections. Wheelwright designed the building in a German-inflected Tudor Revival half-timbered style, said to have been influenced by the German Pavilion at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. The Head House, which opened on June 17, 1896, served as the entrance to the pier and contained various facilities including dressing rooms for bathers and a restaurant.


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piers (marine landings)
half-timber construction
Tudor Revival
sections (orthographic projections)
exterior elevations
architectural drawings (visual works)
working drawings

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1 section and 1 exterior elevation on 1 sheet

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South Boston (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]

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Wheelwright, Edmund March, 1854-1912 (Architect)

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sections (orthographic projections)
exterior elevations
architectural drawings (visual works)
working drawings

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Boston (Mass.). Board of Park Commissioners


head houses (piers)
Marine Park (South Boston, Boston, Mass.)

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(1898.). Municipal architecture in Boston, from designs by Edmund M. Wheelwright, city architect, 1891 to 1895. Ed. by Francis W. Chandler .... Bates & Guild Company,.

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