Back of game card 34 from "Characteristics; An Original Game by a Lady"

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Ephemera: Card Games: Box 1



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The back of card 34 in the game, Characteristics, an Original and Amusing Game by a Lady, published by the firm W. & S. B. Ives of Salem, Massachusetts in 1843. The goal of the game was to collect cards by identifying famous personages by their personality traits. When a player failed to match the person to their characteristics, she or he had to read a pair of admonitory epigrams on the back of the card. The question on the front is: "United States, A.D. 1706. He was distinguished for: scientific genius; common sense; faithfulness; originality; simplicity; good temper; economy; industry; abstemiousness." The answer is Benjamin Franklin, who was born in 1701. The epigrams on the back are: "O, foolish youth! Thou seek'st the greatness that will overwhelm thee" and "If human woes her soft attention claim, a tender sympathy pervades her frame." A pattern of palmettes decorates the edge of the card. W. & S. B. Ives, one of the firms of William and Stephen Bradshaw Ives, was bought out by Parker Brothers in 1887.


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card games (game sets)
educational games
printed ephemera
playing cards

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1 playing card

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Ephemera collection

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United States
Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Salem (Essex county, Massachusetts)

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W. & S.B. Ives (Firm) (publisher)

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playing cards

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Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790
Ives, Stephen Bradshaw, 1801-1883
Ives, William, 1794-1874
Abbott, Beverly

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Ephemera: Card Games: Box 1