Maverick Square, East Boston


Passengers await trolley cars at the station in Maverick Square, East Boston, Massachusetts. A trolley car is parked at the station. The entrance to the East Boston Tunnel is behind the station. On December 30, 1904, the Boston Elevated Railway Company opened the tunnel, the first underwater subway tunnel in the United States, to connect Maverick Square and downtown Boston. A sign annouces two upcoming Harvard University football games, Brown University on November 13 and Yale University on November 20. Harvard played against these schools on those dates in 1915 and 1920. They won both games in 1915 and 1920 and lost both in 1926. The Maverick House, an East Boston hotel and landmark, invites visitors with its 10 pocket billiards tables, bar, and offerings of cigars, cigarettes, and other tobacco goods. The building was torn down in 1924 for construction of a new subway station.


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bars (commercial buildings)
row houses
hotels (public accommodations)
squares (open spaces)
Italianate (North American architecture styles )
pool tables
public transit
trolley cars
tables (support furniture)
black-and-white prints (photographs)

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October? 1915 or 1920


East Boston (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]

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black-and-white prints (photographs)


East Boston Tunnel (Boston, Mass.)
Harvard University -- football
Maverick House (East Boston, Boston, Mass.)
Maverick Square (East Boston, Boston, Mass.)
Maverick Square Station (East Boston, Boston, Mass.)
overhead electric lines

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Large - Geo - Massachusetts - East Boston - Modern - Unmounted