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  • Clothing and accessories




Black high-necked bodice with long flowing sleeves. The bodice is made primarily of alternating vertical bands of black lace and black pleated sheer material. The body of the bodice is lined with olive green silk, while the sleeves are unlined. The collar is high and wraps around to attach in the back. There is a center opening in the front with nine hook and eye closures on the silk lining and eleven hooks and eyes on the outer fabric. There is decorative ribbon beginning at the neck as a bow, one on either just below the collar. One ribbon extends down from each bow on either side of the center opening and ends at another bow attached at the waistline. The waist is slightly cinched in and flows outward to the bottom. There is a border of black scalloped lace around the bottom edge. The sleeves are full length and slightly puffed at the shoulders. Just about the elbow the fabric ends and has a ribbon border with a bow to the outside of the arm. Comprising the rest of the sleeve is a sheer, black crepe that is gathered into two puffs. Below the second gather, the crepe flows downward and is angled so that the long point is at the outer part of the arm and the inner angle stops about mid-forearm. The bottom angled part of the sleeve is bordered by black scalloped lace. The inside of the bodice shows the silk lining only extends up to just above the breast leaving a sheer effect for the chest and upper back. There is a very fine, sheer, black material on the inside of the black lace and sheer pleated fabric. There are black arm shields sewn into the underarms. There is a black ribbon belt on the inside of the bodice sewn onto the center back at the waist that would tie in front. The back shows the same fabric as the front, lined from the shoulder blades down with olive silk. The collar attaches at the back of the neck with three vertical hook and eye enclosures plus two along the bottom edge leading around to the front. At the waistline in the back are thee bows placed horizontally in the center made of black ribbon and connected to each other by a single band of black ribbon across the waistline. Loops and pieces of ribbon hang from the elbows, some extending below the hem.


Descriptive Terms

lace (needlework)
silk (fiber)
crepe (textile)
ribbon (material)

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),

Additional Identification Number





12 10/16 (W) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

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