Collection Type

  • Clothing and accessories




Light aqua silk embroidered shawl. The shawl has a v-shape and is elaborately decorated. The V is formed by two rectangular panels of silk sewn together with a center vertical seam. Along the top edges of the V there is a border decorated with floral embroidery. On either side of the V along the edge there is a tie made of twisted silk rope ending in a tassel. One the center seam of the border is a circular design formed by coiling silk rope around in a spiral. There are two silk ropes extending from the bottom of the circle that are knotted in three places and attach to the top of another rope circle in the middle of the body of the shawl. At the bottom of this circle there are three long tassels hanging off. Along the bottom of the border there is a row of intertwined silk threads ending in fringe. On both sides of the V on the main body of the shawl there is decorative floral embroidery tracing the outer shape of the shawl. Both the bottom edges and the two sides edges are decorated with intertwined silk threads ending in a fringe. There is an extra center panel of fabric covering the center seam that has more floral embroidery and has the circular decoration previously described. The back has identical embroidery on the body of the shawl and fringe around the edges, but has none of the other decorations.


Descriptive Terms

silk (textile)

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),

Additional Identification Number





66 15/16 (W) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

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