Collection Type

  • Clothing and accessories




Faded to blue silk Kimono with matching sash. The kimono is white at the top of the shoulders then progresses through various shades of blue until it reaches a dark powder blue at the hem. The interior of the kimono has a silk periwinkle blue lining. The front panels, sleeves, and back are embroidered with various shades of blue leaves and vines. The outer edges of each sleeve are decorated with dark powder blue frogging and tassels. The ends of the tassels have not been unwrapped from their protective covering. The right has an attached tag: " 40.50" on one side, the other side is in Japanese. There is also a label attached to the back of the collar: "Nozawaya silkstore Yokohama." The sides of the Kimono still have temporary basting stitches holding them shut. The bottom hem is trimmed with a padded roll of fabric. The back of the kimono has the same faded color as the front, and the same leaf embroidery.\n \n Sash: Long fringed silk sash is white in the middle and fades to pale blue, powder blue and into periwinkle toward each end. On each end there is leaf and vine patterned embroidery done in gray, blue and white threads. The thick band of fringe starts with a knotted and crisscross pattern and ends in long fringe at the end of each knot. The fringe is done in a periwinkle colored thread. The thin seam that runs along the entire edge is done in white thread. On one and, tied to an edge fringe piece with dark blue thread is a cream colored tag with a gold border. In red ink handwriting (possibly Japanese?) under that is purple ink is stamped " symbol 40.50". The back of the tag is completely blank.


Descriptive Terms

silk (fiber)
embroidery (visual works)


40.50 (handwritten)
Nozawaya Silkstore Yokohama (handwritten)
Japanese Symbols/ 40.50 (stamped)

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),

Additional Identification Number



Nozawaya Department Store (Retailer)

Location of Origin

Yokohama, Japan


59 14/16 (W) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

Accession Number



Yokohama (Kanagawa prefecture, Kanto, Japan)