Women's dress

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  • Clothing and accessories






Blue light weight cotton women's dress dotted with white threads. The calf length dress has three-fourths length flared sleeves. At the base of the flare is a white thread border that goes around the sleeve. At the top of the sleeve the border makes a step pattern upward. In the void created by the step pattern are five bulls-eye shaped motifs in white thread in a pyramid pattern. The v-shaped neckline has a tie at the bottom of the v and contains a white cotton modesty panel on the inside of the v, which is attached on the upper left by a snap. The neckline is bordered by the same white embroidery with step patterns as the sleeves. Under the middle of the step pattern one each side of the neckline are three bulls-eye shaped motifs in a pyramid shape and under the outer two step patterns on both sides of the neckline is one bulls-eye shaped motif in white thread. At the waistline is a belt with a mother of pearl buckle and snap attachment. There is a straight seam at the waist and a decorative triangular seam across the thighs. From the middle of the triangular point, a vertical seam runs down through the center of the dress and meets the hem. The skirt has a slightly flared skirt. The back of the sleeves contains the same embroidery as the front. The back of the neckline contains continued embroidery pattern with step and three bulls-eye motifs in a pyramid shape. The belt at the waistline continues around the back, as does the straight seam. The thigh-level triangular pointed seam continues around the back and has a vertical seam in the middle of the back running from the triangular point down to the hem.


Descriptive Terms

dresses (garments)
cotton (textile)
Women's Clothing

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),

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19 2/16 (W) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

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