Isphahan Garden design rug

Collection Type

  • Textiles




Large rug with center panel divided into twelve squares on tan ground. Each square contains four rectangles that depict a different floral or animal design in browns, rusts, blues, and green [very faded]. The top left square depicts: a banana tree, a flowering tree and mountains, another type of flowering tree, and two trees and mountains. The top center square depicts: a standing antelope, a bana tree, a cyprus tree, and a flowering tree. The top right square depicts: a flowering tree and mountains, a standing antelope, two trees and mountains, and a cyprus tree. The second row left square depicts: a leafy tree, a bana tree, a standing antelope, and a flowering tree with mountains. Second row center square depicts: flowers and leaves, a leafy tree, a standing antelope, a sitting antelope. Second row right square depicts: a banana tree, flowers and leaves, a flowering tree with mountains, and a standing antelope. Third row left square depicts: two trees with flowers, Third row center depicts: a tree with leaves, two trees with mountains, flowers and leaves, and a banana tree. Third row right square depicts: flowers and leaves, a tree with leaves, a vase with flowers, and flowers and leaves. Fourth [bottom] row left depicts: a giraffe, a cyprus tree, a willow tree, and flowers and leaves. Fourth row center depicts: leaves and flowers, a giraffe, a banana tree, and a willow tree. Fourth row right depicts: a cyprus tree, flowers and leaves, leaves and flowers, and a banana tree. Each of the twelve main squares is divided by a pathway that contains Farsi script, flowers, birds, and mountains. There are several small borders of rosettes and leaves in tan and dark blue. The widest border contains: giraffes, birds, tigers, leopard, peacocks, lions, cyprus trees, mountains, and flowers. In the center of each side there is an orange medallion that contains more Farsi script. The edges and fringe are cotton.


Descriptive Terms

wool (textile)
cotton (textile)


Farsi script woven into medallions on rug (Translation: Rug makers family name and "We have the best taste in color and design")

Associated Building

Original to Phillips House (Salem, Mass.),

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3/16 x 166 15/16 (HxW) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable Trust for Historic Preservation

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