Sayward Coat of Arms

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Sayward Coat of Arms in original frame. Red shield with two white chevrons. Gold band with three blue leopard faces across center. Silver knight's helm with gold face plate sits atop shield. The arms of Jonathan Sayward, College of Arms, Herald's Office. Purchased by Nathaniel Barrell for his father-in-law, Jonathan Sayward.


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coats of arms
vellum (parchment)
gouache (paint)
gold leaf
coat of arms elements


Centennial Acquisitions Exhibiton, October 22nd-23rd, 30th-31st, 2010:
This coat of arms in its original frame was a gift from Nathaniel Barrell to his father-in-law, Jonathan Sayward. As a documented example of an official coat of arms made for an American, it is an extraordinary survival. Although coats of arms were popular in eighteenth-century America, few people in the colonies bothered to make an official application to the College of Arms, choosing instead simply to pick a design they liked.


"AURUM NON OPTO" (Capital letters)
"London, July 1st, 1762/The arms of Jonathan Sayward Esqr. of Old York, in the/Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England, Merchant./Rec'd this 1st July, 1762, from the College/of Arms, Herald's Office. The painting, Vellum,/Frame & Glass as it now stands cost 32//6 Sterling./Rec'd by his most dutifull, Humble Servt./Nath. Barrel." (Handwritten in ink)
"Gulles on a fess Argent,/2 Chevrons, Ermine, 3 Leopards'/Faces, Azure." (Handwritten in ink)
"Seward/Syward/Sayward/Sayword/Seyward" (Typed text)
"London, July 1st. 1762./The arms of Jonathan Sayward. Esqr. of Old York, in the Province of/the Massachusetts Bay, in New England, Merchant. Rec'd this 1st of July,/1762, from the College of Arms, Hearalds Office. the painting, Vellum, Frame & Glass as it now stands cost 32//6 Sterling. Rec'd by his most/dutifull, Humble Servt. Nath. Barrell./Gulles on a fess Argent, 2 Chevrons, Ermine, 3 Leopards' Faces,/Azure./The motto on the coat-of arms is, AURUM NON OPTO." (Typed text)

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London, Great Britain


13 3/8 x 11 3/8 (HxW) (inches)

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Gift of H. Paul Blaisdell

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Great Britain (United Kingdom) [island]