Bottle of Insect Repellent

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  • Decorative arts






Unopened bottle of insect repellent. Clear molded rectangular shaped bottle with round shoulders and a short neck, black metal twist-off cap, white label with black lettering.


Descriptive Terms

glass (material)


"REPELLENT, INSECT / FOR MOSQUITOES, BITING FLIES, / GNATS AND FLEAS / Shake about 12 drops into one hand, / rub hands together, and apply in a thin / layer to all areas of exposed skin - also / on clothing where insects are biting / through. Apply with caution around / eyes and mouth. / FOR CHIGGER PROTECTION / By drawing mouth of bottle along cloth, apply a tin layer 1/2 inch wide / along all opening of uniform on inside / -- neck, fly, and cuffs of shirts, waists, / fly and cuffs of trousers; socks above / shoes; and all edges of leggings. / Clothing may be tented several / days before it is worn and one appli- / cation is effective until uniform is nor- / mally changed for laundering. / CAUTION: This material is a solvent / for lacquer, paint and plastic articles. / Avoid smearing on goggles, watch / crystals etc. / For external use only / MADE IN U.S.A. BY / SKAT DIV. - GALLOWHUR CHEM. CORP. / Windsor, Vt for / SKOL COMPANY, INC. New York, N.Y. / CONTENTS 2 FL. OZ." (Label)

Additional Identification Number



SKOL Company, Inc. (Manufacturer)

Location of Origin

New York, NY (origin); Ipswich, MA (use)


3 3/4 in x 1 3/4 in x 1 1/8 in (HxWxD) (inches)

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