'Nip" Liquor Bottle

Collection Type

  • Decorative arts






"Nip" liquor bottle. Clear molded glass with round straight body and long tapered neck, white and black label with gold background, partial green and white paper stamp at top of neck.


Descriptive Terms

glass (material)


Neck: "BOTTLED IN BOND / PRODUCED BY / BLUE RIBBON / DISTILLERIES C / U.S. GOVERNMENT ININT. / LESS / THAN / 1/2 PINT" "PROOF / 100" Front: "BOTTLED IN BOND / UNDER U.S. GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION / GRAND PRIZE ST. LOUIS 1904 / GOLD MEDAL / NEW ORLEANS, LA 1885 / EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE PARIS, 1900 / WORLDS FAIR CHICAGO, 1893 / I.W. HARPER / REG. U.S. 898.08 / KENTUCKY / STRAIGHT BOURBON / WHISKEY / BOTTLED BY / BERNHEIM DISTILLING COMPANY Inc. / AK 4758 01 LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 95-45)" Back: "I.W. HARPER / REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. / In making I.W. Harper cost is no object. The makers' / ideal that controls every drop is: Make it as fine as whiskey / can be made -- regardless of cost. I.W. Harper has been / awarded the grand prize at many great expositions. / DISTILLED BY BLUE RIBBON DISTILLERIES, CO. / Louisville, Kentucky, at Reg. Dist. No. 1 / OF BERNHEIM DISTILLING COMPANY, INC. / Bottled at I. R. B. W. No. 71, Kentucky / CATION NOTICE. This bottle has been filled and / stamped under the provisions of Sections 2903-9 inclusive, / Internal Revenue Code. Any person who shall reuse the / stamp affixed to this bottle or remove the contents of this / bottle without so destroying the stamp affixed thereto as to / prevent reuse, or shall sell this bottle, or reuse it for dis- / tilled spirits, will be liable to the penalties prescribed by law. / STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY / 100 PROOF / 1/10 PINT / THIS WHISKEY IS 7 1/2 YEARS OLD / DISTILLED IN KENTUCKY" (Paper labels)

Additional Identification Number



Bernheim Distilling Company, Inc. (Manufacturer)

Location of Origin

Louisville, KY (origin); Ipswich, MA (use)


4 5/8 (H), 1 3/8 (diameter) (inches)

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