Pattern for Stocking

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  • Ephemera






Paper envelope containing a pattern for a woman's stocking, printed labels on front and back.


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Front: "No. 1622. / PATTERN FOR STOCKING. / PRICE, 10 Cents. / LENGTH OF FOOT, 10 inches. / Quantity of material 27 inches wide for one pair, 1 3/4 yd. / SEAMS ALLOWED. CUT EXACTLY BY THE PATTERN. / 1622 / THE STANDARD FASHION COMPANY, / 342 West 14th Street, New York. / PROTECTED BY LETTERS PATENT NO. 371144. / This pattern will not be exchanged if it has been / opened or damaged."

Back: "No. 1622. / NOTICE. / Carefully follow directions for cut- / ting and making. / 1/4 inch is allowed for seams. In / centre-back leg seam, baste through / the perforations. / Ascertain if the leg is of the / right length before cutting, and / add to or take from the top as much / as is required. / DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING. / This pattern is in 2 pieces: Foot / and Leg. In cutting the garment out, / place the pieces with the edge of each / having a double perforation on a / lengthwise fold of the goods, / Close the seams of the foot according / to the double and triple notches, and / close the centre back leg seam accord- / ing to the single notches. Try the leg / on and, if alteration is necessary, take / in or let out the seam, as needed. / Then join the leg and foot according to / notches with the centre front leg at / front seam of foot." (Printed)

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The Standard Fashion Company (Manufacturer)

Location of Origin

New York, New York


6 1/4 in x 3 5/8 in (HxW) (inches)

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