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  • Jewelry






Sterling silver bar brooch consisting of five graduated medallions each stamped with a profile bust of a classical figure, hinged pin and hook on reverse.


Descriptive Terms

pins (jewelry)
silver (metal)


[Mark of George W. Shiebler & Co. consisting of a set of wings with an S in center] / STERLING / 598" (Stamped)

Additional Identification Number


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George W. Shiebler & Company (Jeweler)

Location of Origin

New York, New York

Object Type



15/16 in x 2 5/8 in x 3/8 in (HxWxD) (inches)

Credit Line

Bequest of Eleanor Fayerweather

Accession Number


Reference Notes

For more information on George W. Shiebler & Company see Rainwater, Dorothy T. and Judy Redfield, "Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers," 4th Edition (1998): 305; Rainwater, Dorothy, "American Jewelry Manufacturers," (1988): 215.


New York City (New York state)