Letter with attached lock of hair

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This looped circle of light brown hair is tied with a green silk ribbon and pinned to a letter written by a young woman to her intended several months prior to their wedding.


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human hair
human hair
paper by function
silk (fiber)


"Mementos: Jewelry of Life and Love from Historic New England": This charming letter from Almira Fogg in Buxton, Maine, to her future husband, poet Stephen Marion Watson, is composed entirely in rhyming couplets. Almira's poetry emphasizes the sentimental importance of hair as a gift between lovers, keeping them close despite long distances or years. The two married in 1863.


"To Marion, / Dear friend, you have requested a lock of my hair. / I send it, the same you have oft' seen me wear, / 'Tis a trifle, but trifles, to friends are oft dear, / They make present the past, and the absent bring near,. / When you look on this singlet, Oh! think of the friend / To whose lovely hour's, you pleasure did lend; / Whose best wish attends you wher've you may be, / Who cannot forget you, who says think of me. / At eve, when the bright sun is sinking away, / Soft twighlight suceeding the glory of day, / I think of the Marion, Oh! Then think of me. / Should age crown our head's with his lock's, thin and hoar, / Then this may remind you of blest day's of your; / Whether youthful, or aged, or whatever my lot, / I still shall remember thee, forget me not. / Mira T. Fogg / Buxton, Jan - 15; / 1863" (Ink)

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Fogg, Almira Tolford, 1837-1899 (Author)

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1 1/2 x 1 1/2 (HxW) (inches)

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1863 (January 15)


Buxton (York county, Maine)