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ca. 1750




This ring is set with a rectangular, faceted paste stone over a gold twist cipher. Two smaller pastes flank each side. Fitting the eighteenth-century style, the pastes were set in silver, while the ring band is gold. The inside of the band is inscribed with a moral aphorism to the future wearer: "Let Virtue be a guide to thee." Versions of that saying appear on schoolgirl needlework and other media from this era.


Descriptive Terms

rings (jewelry)
silver (metal)
glass by composition or origin
gold alloy


"Mementos: Jewelry of Life and Love from Historic New England": Posy rings are named for the verses with which they are engraved. Some, like this one, might remind the owner to "Let virtue be a guide to thee."


"Let virtue be a guide to thee" (Engraved)

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1/4 (W), 13/16 (diameter) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of Miss Louise M. Dewey

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Reference Notes

For more information on pastes see Fales, Martha Gandy, "Jewelry in America, 1600-1900," (1995): 48-51; 115-120; Phillips, Clare, "Jewels and Jewelry," (2000): 54-55. For more information on eighteenth century mourning jewelry see Fales, Martha Gandy, "Jewelry in America, 1600-1900," (1995): 23-31.

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