Memorial Ring

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  • Jewelry






This rose gold ring is set at the center with a plait of white hair under a rectangle of glass surrounded by faceted jet stones. The split shoulders of the ring are decorated with rococo scrolls.


Descriptive Terms

mourning rings
rings (jewelry)
glass (material)
gold (metal)
human hair
jet (coal)
Rococo Revival


"EM / obt. Aug 12 / 1824 / Aged 56" (Engraved)

Additional Identification Number





7/16 (W), 3/4 (diameter) (inches)

Accession Number


Reference Notes

For more information on Ebenezer Moulton see Buhler, Kathryn C. "American Silver, 1655-1825 in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston," v. 2 (1972): 515-523. For more information on hair jewelry see Bell, C. Jeanenne, "Collector's Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry," (1998); Bury, Shirley, "Jewellery, 1789-1910," v. 2 (1991): 680-698; Campbell, Mark, "The Art of Hair Work: Hair Braiding and Jewelry of Sentiment with Catalog of Hair Jewelry," Eds. Jules & Kaethe Kliot (facsimile of 1875 printing, 1996); Dawes, Ginny Reddington & Corinne Davidov, "Victorian Jewelry: Unexplored Treasures," (1991): 139-143; Fales, Martha Gandy, "Jewelry in America, 1600-1900," (1995): 98-107, 214-219.


1824 (inscribed)

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