Pair of Buttons

Collection Type

  • Clothing and accessories






Pair of rectangular red stone buttons set in gold colored metal, metal loop on reverse for attachment.


Descriptive Terms


Additional Identification Number





7/16 in (A); 7/16 in (B) x 3/8 in (A); 3/8 in (B) x 3/8 in (A); 3/8 in (B) (HxWxD) (inches)

Credit Line

Gift of Mis Roxana H. Vivian

Accession Number


Reference Notes

For more information on cuff links and studs see Fales, Martha Gandy, "Jewelry in America, 1600-1900," (1995):178-179; Hinks, Peter, "Victorian Jewelry," (1991). For more information on Victorian stone jewelry see Bury, Shirley, "Jewellery, 1789-1910," (1991): 513-528; Dawes, Ginny Reddington & Corinne Davidov, "Victorian Jewelry: Unexplored Treasures," (1991): 57-95; Fales, Martha Gandy, "Jewelry in America, 1600-1900," (1995): 246-253.

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