Drainage project begins at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm

Aug 30, 2013

At Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, Massachusetts, lack of proper drainage causes significant pooling on the grounds and flooding in the basements. In order to resolve this issue, Historic New England has developed comprehensive drainage plans and secured partial funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund and the Newbury Five Cents Savings Charitable Foundation to support the work.

The first phase of work has just been completed. This included the repaving of Little’s Lane, which leads to the farm, but involved more than just laying down new asphalt. Although subtle and mostly unseen, the work included adding three drainage culverts, compacting with an additional stone sub-base, and creating a pitched surface that will encourage better water runoff. This work, coupled with the upcoming phases, will be instrumental in guiding water away from the museum buildings.

Although partially funded, the Spencer-Peirce-Little farm drainage project requires additional funds to be completed. Please consider donating to the Preservation Maintenance Fund today. Find additional information on Historic New England’s approach to drainage in the white papers section of our website.