Conserving an Isaac Vose & Son couch

Feb 2, 2021

One of Historic New England’s new online visitor experiences features Otis House in Boston

The new web app includes information on Boston furniture, behind-the scenes photographs, a 360° tour, stories of the many people who have called Otis House home, and much more.

Hiding in Plain Sight

You can start exploring by watching a video about Historic New England’s conservation treatment of this fabulous couch. See how scholarship combined with careful detective work from curators, scholars, and conservators helped to transform a lilac covered couch into this spectacular example of fine neoclassical Boston furniture. Find the video under the Boston Furniture section.

More about Isaac Vose furniture

There is more to explore

The Otis House web app is one of Historic New England’s new online visitor experiences. With new research and never-before-seen videos and photographs, these buildings, landscapes, objects, and stories are more accessible than ever before.

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