Celebrating Haymarket, The Soul of the City

Sep 22, 2016

On Wednesday, September 21, more than 125 visitors attended a reception for the Historic New England exhibition Haymarket, the Soul of the City, at BSA Space in Boston.

Guests were treated to a bounty of food from Haymarket vendors including dozens of cheeses and salamis from Harry’s Cheese and Cold Cut Center, a complete Middle Eastern mezze from the International Food Company, a large selection of fruits, and homemade shrimp rolls, a specialty of vendor Alyssa “Sina” Chhim.

During the reception, Ken Turino, Historic New England’s manager of community engagement and exhibitions, presented the American Association for State and Local History’s Leadership in History Award for the Haymarket Project to our partners, Otto Gallotto of the Haymarket Pushcart Association and exhibition photographer Justin Goodstein.

Learn more about Historic New England’s work to document and share the stories of Haymarket, part of our Everyone’s History series.