Castle Tucker masonry repairs underway

Jul 21, 2014

As part of a large-scale masonry repair project at Castle Tucker in Wiscasset, Maine, preservation of the 1807 building’s curved northern facade has begun. The installation of scaffolding was followed by the stripping of the facade’s many layers of paint, which was trapping moisture within the structure and even the brick itself.

Historic New England generally prefers to leave paint layers in place in order to preserve a record of paint color used on a building. In preparation for this project, understanding that paint stripping might be necessary, we completed a paint analysis so that this important part of Castle Tucker’s history could be retained.

The bricks are then labeled, documented, and carefully removed while repairs are made to the inner wall. The removed bricks will then be carefully reinserted back into their original locations and orientation.

See a photo gallery of the Castle Tucker masonry project.

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