Carpenters install ultraviolet film at Historic New England properties

May 11, 2012

Historic New England’s preservation experts are always discovering better ways to preserve our buildings and the collections within. This week our staff carpenters learned about the benefits and installation of ultraviolet film. 

UV protection is important for preventing damage from sun exposure. Past installations of UV protection, however, have produced unintended negative results. The large sheets of UV-protected acrylic we used in the past often trapped air between the UV protection and windows, creating environmental conditions conducive to condensation. The water would ultimately deteriorate the substrate (wood, metal, etc.), paint, and glazing putty. Ultraviolet film, which is applied directly to the window pane, eliminates the need for the sheet of acrylic, eliminating the potential for condensation. UV film is in place in several rooms at Beauport, Gropius House, and Otis House

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