C.G. Sargent’s Sons Collection now available for research

Dec 8, 2017

Scrapbook of machine drawings and photos (CC016.02.03)

The collection of a Massachusetts textile manufacturing and machinery corporation is now accessible at Historic New England’s Library and Archives.

The C.G. Sargent’s Sons Collection (CC016) was recently processed by Simmons College Archives Management graduate student Max Lisanti as part of his internship with Historic New England. Archival processing includes arranging, describing, cataloguing, and rehousing archival collections so that they are accessible for research.

C.G. Sargent’s Sons was a textile machinery manufacturing corporation that operated from 1852 to 1990 in Granite, a neighborhood of Westford, Massachusetts. Just ten miles from Lowell, Westford was the perfect location for Sargent (a former employee of the Lowell Mills machine shop) to establish his own business. The establishment of the company, then known as “Calvert and Sargent,” transformed the area from a sleepy rural village into a bustling factory town, where nearly every adult resident was employed by one of the surrounding factories or mills. After Sargent’s death in 1878, the company was taken over by his sons, who continued his legacy of both inventing textile machinery and manufacturing.

Charles G. Sargent Engraving Portrait Prints (CC016.04.11)

The C.G. Sargent’s Sons collection is diverse, comprising promotional ephemera (including trade catalogues published by the corporation), technical drawings related to the expansion of its factories, photographs, corporate documents, and patent filings for machinery manufactured by the corporation and its competitors. Click on the images in this post to learn more about each one.

Framed Employee Photo (CC016.04.09)


C.G. Sargent Catalogues 2 of 3 (CC016.04.07)

The C. G. Sargent’s Sons collection is a fascinating look into the many facets of the corporate life of a textile machinery and manufacturing company operating in Massachusetts from 1852 to 1990.

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