537 boxes fill the bubble

Apr 30, 2014

How many boxes can fit into Historic New England’s carbon-dioxide fumigation bubble, which treats museum objects for pests? We recently filled it with 537 boxes of archaeological material!

The Public Archaeology Laboratory in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, learned about our fumigation services and decided to rent the full bubble to proactively treat boxes of excavated materials before processing and moving them into storage. 

The fumigation bubble is a completely non-toxic pest treatment that is safe for all types of objects. Historic New England preemptively treats all of our own new gifts and acquisitions, as well as all objects that move between our storage facility and historic houses, in order to curb museum pest infestations.

The Public Archaeology Laboratory is one of many organizations that rent the bubble to treat their collections. Historic New England is the only museum offering this service to clients in the region.

Learn more about our fumigation bubble services, located in Haverhill, Massachusetts.