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The Seraph

Seraph Room, Cogswells Grant
Pieces in the Cogswell's Grant Collection

In 2002, The Seraph introduced the Cogswell’s Grant Collection featuring a dozen pieces copied from Historic New England’s Cogwell’s Grant in Essex, Massachusetts. The Cogswell’s Grant Collection includes upholstered furniture, painted case goods, artwork, and decorative accessories.

The newest pieces in the collection are a tea table and silversmith’s case from Cogswell's Grant.

Seraph-Tea Table.CG.JPG
Tea Table, Cogswell's Grant Collection

In 2008, HOME by Alex Pifer was introduced. Within this unique design center is a group of reproduction paintings from Historic New England’s study collection of original art.

Since 1980, the Seraph has been an authentic resource for seventeenth and eighteenth-century reproduction furniture and accessories, offering knowledge and expertise in the field of historic design for those wishing to achieve a certain level of authenticity for their homes. Now, with hundreds of items available in HOME, good design is with reach. Enjoy visiting The Seraph by Alex Pifer.                     




The Seraph