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The Christopher Norman Collection – Waterhouse Wallhangings

Shoot for the Moon
Shoot for the Moon, gold and silver on white

Believing that original wallpaper documents are an important part of our American heritage, Christopher Norman reached out to Historic New England in 2009 with the intent of reproducing patterns from our substantial collection of Waterhouse documents.

Christopher Norman Inc. offers several hand printed patterns copied from Historic New England’s collection of eighteenth and nineteenth-century papers in a variety of colorways.

Christopher Norman Inc. was founded in 1987 as a collaboration between acclaimed interior designer Kevin McNamara and Christopher Norman. Since then, Christopher Norman has produced high quality wallpapers under the brands of Thomas Strahan and Waterhouse Wallhangings.

Paul Revere paper
Paul Revere pattern, stone on gold

For many years, Dorothy Waterhouse visited lovely old New England homesteads, searching beneath layers of wallpaper or paint - or in attics, trunks, and old boxes - for fragments of original wall hangings. Since many were created before the machine age, they were often painted completely by hand, stenciled, or printed using carved wood blocks. So superior are these designs that they will always be in good taste. For information and a showroom directory, please visit The Christopher Norman Collection.    

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The Christopher Norman Collection – Waterhouse Wallhangings