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Canvasworks Floorcloths

Canvasworks-Greek Key.jpeg
Greek Key Border, based on a late nineteenth-century linoleum, North Andover, Massachusetts.


Canvasworks Floorcloths has reproduced three patterns from Historic New England's collection. Each design is based on an original document from a historic house in New England.

The use of painted canvas floor coverings, also known as “oyl cloths,” dates as far back as the fourteenth century in Europe. Colonial Americans were looking for ways to reproduce some of the furnishings they were accustomed to back home. Canvas was more readily available than other rug and carpet supplies, and the ease of cleaning made floorcloths particularly desirable.

Canvasworks-Stars and Flowers.JPG
Stars and Flowers, based on a floor cloth remnant c. 1890, South Woodstock, Connecticut.

Canvasworks Floorcloths creates a variety of designs, from historical reproductions to modern geometrics to intricate stamped and stenciled patterns.

Cloths are available in sizes ranging from 2’ x 3’ to 8’ x 10’ and custom sizes can be ordered.

Canvasworks Floorcloths are made from cotton heavyweight canvas with a sewn hem and mitered corners. Each floorcloth undergoes a series of steps to ensure a finished piece that will lie flat and maintain its shape, colors, and finish for years to come.

For more information and to order a cloth, visit the Canvasworks Floorcloths website.

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Canvasworks Floorcloths