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Adelphi Paper Hangings LLC

Adelphi Paper Hangings LLC
Elmwood Floral, block-printed paper

Since 1999, many of Historic New England’s most accurate paper reproductions have been available through Adelphi Paper Hangings. Ranging from eighteenth century to twentieth century, there is something here for everyone who appreciates the fine workmanship of the block printing technique.

Founded in 1999, Adelphi Paper Hangings LLC is a small, artisanal producer of historically accurate block printed wallpapers for museums and historic institutions, as well as for period designers and those involved in contemporary design projects. To ensure that the art and craft of traditional handmade wallpapers would survive, Adelphi established the only commercial production facility for block printing historic papers in the United States.

July 1776
July 1776, block-printed by hand

Adelphi Paper Hangings offers wallpapers that are reproduced using the same hand-printing methods and materials employed circa 1720-1860, after which machine printing methods began to dominate the industry. Their work is based on exhaustive and continuing research into methods, materials, techniques, and styles. Each order is individually hand printed by skilled artisans without compromises in quality, historical accuracy, or consistency.

Adelphi Paper Hangings LLC has successfully reproduced wallpapers dating from the 1740s through the 1930s. By understanding the nature of historic paints, the muting effect of time, as well as the historic context and fashions, Adelphi Paper Hangings can successfully interpret documentary evidence and accurately reproduce the style, character, and look of original period documents.

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Adelphi Paper Hangings LLC