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Brief Essays on Teaching with Historic Houses

Schools and Museums: A Unique Partnership
Schools and museums have the potential to form unique partnerships, working collaboratively to expand and enrich a student's exploration of his world, both past and present.
Museums: Dynamic Learning Centers
Historic house museums are dynamic learning centers for students. They provide an evocative setting that stimulates imaginations, actively engages students in learning, and inspires further investigation.
Museums: A Multifaceted Educator Resource
Museums are an excellent resource that educators can use to provide subject enrichment for their students. Teachers are the experts on their students and their curriculum. Working collaboratively, the two can provide unique educational opportunities for students that accommodate diverse learning styles.
Reaching Out
Museums are working to create innovative ways to reach their diverse audiences.
Use of Primary Source Material
The following worksheet assists students in documenting and analyzing primary source materials.
Brief Essays on Teaching with Historic Houses