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Quincy Revolution: A Family Divided

Massachusetts: Metro Boston

In 1770 Colonel Josiah Quincy I built the current Quincy House on his 250-acre country estate. Colonel Quincy and his son Josiah were devoted patriots, but his son Samuel was a loyalist who left for England after the battles at Lexington and Concord and never returned to America. The Revolution divided the family forever. In this program, students go on a scavenger hunt inside the Quincy House to find artifacts relevant to the Revolutionary war era; work together to construct a time-line of events leading up to the Boston Massacre; analyze primary source documents and write with a quill pen. At the end of the program, students will re-enact the Boston Massacre Trial, where Josiah Jr. defended the British soldiers while Samuel prosecuted them.

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Colonel Josiah Quincy
Colonel Josiah Quincy

Weekdays, Fall and Spring
2.5 hours
Grades 3-5
Maximum group size: 30 students

  • $100 for up to 14 students
  • $175 for 15-30 students




Type of Program:
Field Trips

Related Topics:
Family, Revolutionary Period

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Quincy Revolution: A Family Divided