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Historic Toys

Massachusetts: Metro Boston

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What kind of toys did children play with long ago? How did they have fun without computer chips, batteries, and electricity? In this program, students explore interactive nineteenth-century toys, and make their own to take home. For a one-session program, choose from the themes below. This program may also be scheduled as a multi-session program that explores a different topic each week.

Air- and Gravity-powered Toys
Make a pinwheel and a parachute toy.

Optical Illusions
Make toys that trick the eye, including a thaumotrope that blends two pictures into one, a top that mixes colors, and a flip book that creates moving pictures.

Puppet Theaters
Create a puppet theater using a cardboard box and cut paper. Write your own story to perform.

Board Games
Play historic games and design your own based on items in Historic New England’s collection.

Weekdays, year round
60 - 90 minutes
Ages 8 - 12

   • $100 per session
   • Add a second session on the same day for $50.

Type of Program:
Programs to Go, Summer Programs, After School, Scouts

Related Topics:
Family, Story & Crafts

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Telephone:(617) 994-5939

Historic Toys